Waller County Sports Association (WCSA) renames ball park to Schmidt Industrial Baseball Park

WCSA is a non-profit organization that provides a facility were local residents of all ages can learn and play softball / baseball and depends heavily on donations and fund raisers to provide the funds to maintain and operate the facility. In addition to providing a family orientated facility, WCSA also provides scholarships for local children and keeps registration fees low so that all children can participate.

One of the major fund raisers for WCSA is their annual Auction. In 2017 WCSA only raised a third of the funds the auction normally produces. Most of these donations and money raised at the auction comes from local businesses and the poor results was a reflection of how these businesses struggled in 2016.

Faced with maintenance costs, property mortgage payments, and needed repairs the association was considering having to lease the facility to national baseball league organizations. This would have increased registration fees significantly to the local community making it unaffordable to the most families especially those with multiple children.

Thanks to a generous donation made by Schmidt Industrial Inc. in fall of 2017, the WCSA was able to pay off all its debt, make the needed repairs / upgrades, maintain ownership of the ball park and continue operations for all the community to enjoy just as they have done for over twenty years.

Schmidt Industrial Baseball Park

Deeply grateful for Schmidt Industrial’s donation, WCSA renamed one of the facilities the fields to Schmidt Industrial Field. Because of the generous donation, expenses lowered, and repairs / upgrades provided for, all the children and families of this community will be able to continue to enjoy this facility for many years to come.


Kicking off the spring baseball and softball season, on April 7th, Schmidt industrial Ball Park had its big opening day, rain or shine. All the teams were at the field, even though the weather was not on the people’s side, with smiles and good energy the grand opening was a success.

With deep gratefulness, WCSA awarded Douglas Schmidt president of Schmidt Industrial Inc. recognizing him on his donation and the renaming of the field under his name. The kids were waiting for him with a banner that showed their gratefulness to him, and people were cheering him on.

WCSA as well awarded two loyal umpires, Gerald Gilloth and Trent Watson, that have been with the association training kids for over 20 years, assisting them to achieve their goals on baseball and softball. WCSA is eternally grateful to these two umpires and Schmidt Industrial Inc. for helping this community and allowing the youth have the opportunity to play baseball and softball.

Schmidt Industrials Article Baseball 4

WCSA and Schmidt Industrials are looking forward to seeing the youth in this community develop their sports’ skills and have a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to seeing the success of the players in WCSA and hope they win many awards.