Substation Transformer Repair / Switchgear Replacement / Preventative Maintenance

Substation maintenance and repair is essential to keep critical electrical equipment operating correctly. We work with our clients to identify and target problems within the power distribution systems and then plan these needed repairs for annual scheduled outages to help keep their systems healthy and avoid unplanned interruptions to the power distribution system.

This particular situation was that the automatic Load Tap Changer (LTC) had stopped operating due to a failure in the equipment motorized tap changer mechanism. The problem was investigated, long lead time parts identified and procured so that during an annual scheduled outage of their substation the LTC on the main 22MVA transformer could be rebuilt.

During this annual maintenance outage SICS Inc. not only rebuilt the Substation’s LTC, but also removed and replaced a 15kv switchgear line-up, removed and replaced two (2) 2500kva load-center transformers, cleaned and operated fifty-five (55) ganged air disconnect switches, cleaned / tested twelve (12) multi-bay 15kv switchgear line-ups, cleaned and polished over two hundred (200) HV insulators and bushings in seven (7) distribution substations, and replaced damaged lightning arrestors.

The outage was planned for four (4) days around the clock operation and had over 400 identified work items with a 100 men, fifteen (15) bucket trucks, cranes, and testing technicians. SICS Inc. planned and managed the scheduled outage and accomplished everything within three (3) days allowing the facility to restart sooner than anticipated saving them considerably on lost revenues.