Scrap Tire Shredding & Recovery Facility

This was a grassroots facility, the first in the USA, and the largest facility built to date for this international company which owns and operates facilities throughout Europe. This facility takes used tires, grinds them up and sorts the rubber, steel, and nylon for recycling as a feed stock product for many new innovative products.

Because of it preparatory process and the timing for the project, in cooperation with ABB automation Germany, this project needed a design build construction partner.

The facility required a new 35kv substation with three (3) 10MVA transformers, three (3) 15kv power distribution switchgear lineups, six (6) 2MVA padmount distribution transformers, one hundred and ten (110) motor control centers, four (4) 3-phase UPS systems, 850 motors, 3500 instruments, 26 remote control cabinets with fiber optic control interface, twenty (20) thousand feet of cable ladder and basket tray, One (1) million feet of cabling, and over 30,000 wire terminations from field instrument and control devices. The process unit is completely automated from point of delivery to shipping end products.

The scope was inclusive of the design and construction of the power distribution system, installation of all motor power and moor control equipment, fiber optic system, wiring for all instrumentation and control equipment.