138Kv Substation OCB Replacement & Yard Rehab Project

Industrial chemical manufacturing facility was in need of replacing its existing obsolete and failing Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) in their 138kv Substation. In addition to this the existing structures were rusted at the bases and need of urgent repair.

The substation pipe buss system was modified to add new 138kv isolation disconnect switches foe a new 4000-amp 138kv Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB) inclusive of new concrete foundation, control wiring, and integration of new GCB controls into the existing relay system. All accomplished while the Facility continued to operate with no interruptions.

Existing rusted steel structures were evaluated for structural strengths and metal thicknesses utilizing 3D imagining. Weak spots were identified by structure, damaged areas cut out and replaced with new steel welded in place and then all the steel structures in the substation were cleaned and re-painted with a three-part epoxy paint system. All this was done while the facility continued to operate and without a power interruption. The effort required extensive detailed coordination between utility provider, facility operations and management.

The final commissioning of the new GCB and extraction / de-commissioning of the failing OCB was scheduled for and implemented during the facilities annual electrical maintenance outage and completed in two days avoiding costly multiple outages.