13.8KV Overhead Line Relocation

Client’s 13.8kv power distribution was overhead lines from their owned 138Kv Substation across unimproved land and wanted to sell the unused land to reduce tax burdens. However the land could not be built on due to the overhead line distribution system.

This challenging project include installing over 1.5 million pounds and almost 5000’ feet of a concrete precast cable trench system, just short of a mile long, from the existing substation. Included large underground concrete encased duct banks, 7,000’ feet of fiberglass cable tray, large 18,000 pound concrete manholes, 8,000’ of 6” conduit, 20,000’ feet of large diameter 3c 15kv CLX armored cable with single runs as long as 4,800’ feet long, and six 15kv pole risers to tap existing overhead lines circuits throughout the 400 acre facility.